The Diaspora of the Diaspora: The Adyghe-Abkhaz Diaspora(s) in Turkey and the Caucasus

Jade Cemre Erciyes // Geography // 10th April // 1-2pm // Arts C 133


Studies of ancestral return migration have focused on the transnationalism of returnees and connections with where they come from. Their similarities to other migrant groups about how they deal with everyday life has also been given attention. By contrast, this lecture is focuses on the diasporic characteristics that returnees show: in this case-study the behaviour of the Adyghe-Abkhaz returnees as the diaspora of ‘the Caucasian diaspora in Turkey’. There will be an introduction about the Caucasus, as a geography, as the place of origin of dispersion of the Adyghe-Abkhaz people and as the “mythical homeland” of these people that is imagined, reproduced and lived. The focus of the lecture will be about the Adyghe-Abkhaz people, how they were the mountaineers of the Caucasus and became the Diaspora in Turkey, and by return migrating to their ancestral homeland how they turned out to be the diaspora of the Diaspora on the other coast of the Black Sea. This lecture will make use of the theories of diaspora, return and transnationalism.

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