2013 Programme/Podcasts


23rd – Ole Johannes Kaland, Negotiating educational desire: Opportunities and aspirations of internal migrant youths in Shanghai

30th – Calvin Liu, Beyond Eurocentrism: the International Political Economy of the Chinese Cultural Revolution (1954-1972)


6th – Achim Rosemann, Scientific multipolarisation: Its impact on international clinical research collaborations and theoretical implications

13th – Thomas Chambers, Labour Migration in India: Journeys with Woodcarvers from Uttar Pradesh

20th – U. Ejiro O. Onomake, African Agency in the Africa/China Equation

27th – James Wallis Barnes, Realizing Selves: Exploring Personal and Social Transformation within a Christian Ontology


6th – Kerem Nisancioglu, The Middle Eastern Origins of Capitalism

13th – Ross Wignall, Rebranding the YMCA: Neoliberalism, Youth and Faith-Based Development  

20th – Adam Fishwick, Development and the Working Class in Latin America

27th – Sam Appleton, Finance ‘re-embedded’? The Establishment of the World Bank


10th – Jade Cemre Erciyes, The Diaspora Of The Diaspora: The Adyghe-Abkhaz Diaspora(S) In Turkey And The Caucasus

17th – Suhas Bhasme, Institutions, Water and Socio-economic Change


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