Lecture Series Programme Announced

The programme for the Global Studies PhD Lecture Series is now finalised! See the poster below. 

The series takes place every Wednesday 1-2pm in Arts C 133 lecture theatre. Please circulate to any of your networks you think might be interested. The lectures are designed to appeal to those not necessarily familiar with the subject. Undergraduates in particular are invited to share their questions and impresssions. ATs publicise to you students and bring them along. Hoping to see many of you there.

22nd of Jan David Saunders Caught in the Web: Toward new Internet based Research Methods
29th of Jan Matluba Wakefield Women and religious practices in Uzbekistan, Transformation and changes in the light of the post Soviet period
5th of Feb David Rubyan-Ling Trading Places: Encounters with diversity on a South London Street Market
12th of Feb Smita Yadav Labouring Families- Work and Life of Gonds in India
19th of Feb Astrid Jamar Daily work in Burundian and Rwandan ‘Aidland’: Seeking
Reconciliation and Justice through Training and Sensitisation
26th of Feb Neil Dooley Beyond Immaturity and Victimisation: Rethinking the asymmetries of the eurozone crisis
5th of March Debbie Humphry Moving on? Audio-visual narratives of Housing Insecurity in Coalition Britain
12th of March Santiago Ripoll Food sovereignty and moral economy: the case of subsistence farmers in Nicaragua
19th of March Anneke Newman Politics of Islamic Education Reform in Senegal: Development or ‘Game of Thrones’?
26th of March Pin Hsien-Wu Diverse Forms of Environmental Participation: Case Studies of Mining in China and India
2nd of April Katie McQuaid Violence, humanitarianism and rights: Storytelling amongst Congolese refugees in Uganda
9th of April Titiksha Shukla Challenge and challenges: Dalits’ assertion of right to own land amidst the dominance of the ‘upper’ caste in western Maharashtra, India

poster updated 2014-2

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