Moving on? Audio-visual Narratives of Housing Insecurity in Coalition Britain

Debbie Humphry//Geography//5th of March//1-2 pm//Arts C133

johnny pushchair view

In this talk I present qualitative research on families’ material and emotional experiences of living in insecure housing in a North London locality. The research findings are contextualised within the current historical-political moment whereby there is a severe shortage of secure affordable housing in inner London, exacerbated by recent government policies that have further eroded security of tenure and threaten eviction from homes, the neighbourhood and the city. This talk also looks at the government discourse that justifies their policies, and examines how parents’ narratives and experiences offer an alternative perspective and politics. This presentation is part of my ESRC-funded PhD research on experiences of social mobility in a mixed-class neighbourhood in inner London, and will include some audio-visual representations of the research.

Debbie Humphry has worked for several years as a researcher in London on various neighbourhood issues. Before returning to education to complete 2 masters degrees she worked as a photographer and journalist, including for the Guardian and Independent newspapers. She is currently an ESRC funded doctoral student at the University of Sussex, and has lectured in sociology, social geography and photography at various universities. Her previous work as a photographer, writer and educator gave her a grounding in social issues, participative community work and visual methodologies. She has published in numerous magazines and newspapers, and academic publications include research reports and a chapter in Home: International Perspective on Culture, Identity and Belonging (2013, Peter Lang publishing).

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