2015 Programme


21st – Dan Watson, South Sudan: Statebuilding, Violence and Militarism

28th – Richard Lane,


4th – Veronike Talviste, Protection and Displacement as understood and lived by young people in urban settings in Colombia

1th – Abraham Navarro Garcia, Pandemic influenza in China. An Analysis of securitizing and desecuritizing discourses at the national level in online media (2009-2010)

18th – Susanne Melde, Migration politics in Argentina: Actors, evidence and timing

25th – James McMurray, Forked Tongues: Language Education and Ethnic Tensions in Xinjiang, China


4th –  Syed Mohammed Faisal, Re-Imagining South Indian Geography: A Maritime Perspective

11th – Paul Robert Gilbert, Frontier Frenzy: What Might Anthropology Have to Say About the ‘Iron Grip of Finance on the Prostrate Governments of Backward Regions?’

20th – Thomas Martin, The radical politics of British counter-radicalisation policy

25th – Sahil Dutta, Strike Debt: We Owe It To Each Other!


1st – Darius A’Zami, Citizen-peasants: Tanzanian modernity, international relations and the role of China

15th – Carmen Guadalupe Leon Himmelstine,




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