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Forked Tongues: Language Education and Ethnic Tensions in Xinjiang, China

James McMurray//Anthropology//25th of February 2015//3-4pm//Arts C133 The fractious ethnic situation of the Xinjiang region of China is perhaps the country’s greatest internal threat to stability. It has been argued that the issue of mother-tongue education – or the lack of … Continue reading

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Migration politics in Argentina: Actors, evidence and timing

Susanne Melde//Geography//18th of February 2015//3-4pm//Arts C133 Most scholarship on domestic politics of migration is limited to Europe and the US. This lecture aims to analyze the policy-making process in Argentina that led to the passing of a liberal, rights-based migration … Continue reading

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Pandemic influenza in China. An analysis of securitizing and desecuritizing discourses at the national level in online media (2009-2010)

Abraham Navarro Garcia//International Relations//11th of February 2015//3-4pm//Arts C133 The pandemic of influenza A (H1N1) in 2009-2010 tested pandemic preparedness at different levels of governance. Countries had the challenge to adapt international mechanisms of response to their specific epidemic situation. China … Continue reading

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Protection and Displacement as understood and lived by young people in urban settings in Colombia

Veronike Talviste//Geography//4th of February 2015//3-4pm//Arts C133 Protection is a powerful term in the world of humanitarians working to help those displaced by violence, defining many approaches and activities that are currently carried out worldwide in emergencies and post-conflict situations. However, … Continue reading

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