Brazilian State-Formation: Rethinking Geopolitical Agency

Pedro Salgado // International Relations // Wednesday 15th March 2017 // 1-2pm // Arts C 133


Latin American historical trajectory normally falls in a gap in the fields of International Relations and Historical Sociology. The political transformation it sees in the nineteenth century is rarely contemplated by studies of state-formation, or by those who focus on the post-colonial moment after 1945. When it is addressed, it is normally explained through the expansion of the European international society, or through the colonial difference itself. Using the particular case of Brazil up until the nineteenth century, I argue that a better account of state-formation can be achieved by focusing on the connection between social conflict and the strategies of territorialisation of given polities, through a radically historicist framework based on the notion of geopolitical agency.


Pedro is in the final year of his PhD in International Relations. He has previous degrees on Law (UFRJ) and Social Sciences (UERJ), and a Masters in International Relations (Sussex). His worked is focused on applying historical materialism in the field of International Relations, aiming to develop a framework that can integrate social relations and forms of territoriality through a focus on radical historicism and contextualised agencies.

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