Stylish clothes and affective trade: Vernacular perspectives on commodity circulation between Iran and Turkey

Yunlong Jia // Social Anthropology // April 18th 2018 // 1-2pm // Arts C133


Building on fieldwork with different groups of Iranian people, this presentation explores the transnational trading activities between Turkey and Iran. Trade and commodities have long been the interests of anthropological researches. Trading activities are not only important components of peoples’ working lives, they also actively shape the social and political structures of the physical worlds, as well as mediate between various realms which invest life with meaning. In particular, I take trade and commodities as a departing point to investigate into the worldly desire, ethnic affinity and affection associated with the circulation of goods and people. By doing so, I hope to shed light on the imaginative and migratory worlds, in which people construct their everyday life. 


Yunlong Jia is studying for a PhD in Social Anthropology. Before joining Sussex, Yunlong studied Anthropology and the Middle East at SOAS, University of London, and Persian Language and Literature in Beijing. His research currently focuses on the diverse experiences of Iranian migrants, refugees and traders in Turkey.


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