Exploring the Malaysian Space in the UK: An Ethnography of Malaysian Muslim Female Students in Manchester

Ireena Nasiha Ibnu // Migration Studies // April 25th 2018 // 1-2pm // Arts C133

The abstract is as follows:

For many years, Manchester has been a second home for thousands of Malaysian students. However, there is little information about what happens to them when coming to the UK. Building on nine months fieldwork with Malaysian students’ community in Manchester, this presentation explores the effort made by the Malaysian students abroad in sustaining the Malaysian space. Using the ethnography approach, I argue that the Malaysian students’ community in Manchester sustains the Malaysian space through the reciprocity, which they perceived as a social responsibility as being a Malay abroad. Thus, the presentation will demonstrate the practices made by the committee members and explore what are the challenges faced by them. As this research mainly focusing on the Malaysian Muslim female students, I am also interested to unpack how they negotiate the space and what are the elements that formed their experiences.

Short Biography:

Ireena Nasiha Ibnu, is a PhD student in Migration Studies at Global Studies, University of Sussex. Before starting her PhD degree, Ireena completed a Master’s degree in Intercultural Communication at the National University of Malaysia (UKM) in Malaysia. Her doctoral thesis focuses on the transnational migration of Malaysian Muslim female students in the UK.


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