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International Institutions as the Battlefields: The EU-US Rivalry over a WTO’s Agreement on Competition Policy

Hammed Roohani // International Relations // Wednesday 3rd May 2017 // 1-3pm // Arts C133 Hammed’s study examines the capacity of the WTO for fostering cooperation between the EU and the US for the Agreement on Competition Policy. Given the successful cooperation of … Continue reading

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Fairtrade Banana versus Dollar Banana: A study of a neo-colonial relationship in Costa Rica

Layla Zaglul // International Development // Wednesday 26th April 2017 // 1-3pm // Arts C133 Fairtrade advertising campaigns make a promise to the consumers: if they buy this product, they are assuring that the people who make that product are getting fair wages … Continue reading

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Is obesity a negative word? Health professionals’ experiences and understanding of obesity management in Brighton and Hove

Lavinia Bertini // Anthropology // Wednesday 5th April 2017 // 1-3pm // Arts A103 According to statistics, the UK is the most “obese” country in Europe and obesity is described as a “burden” for the NHS in national policies. Here, obesity is biomedically … Continue reading

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Seeing and Being Indigenous at COP-21: Who are indigenous people and what are they for?

George Byrne // International Development // Wednesday 22nd March 2017 // 3-4pm // Arts C 133 In the so called ‘middle grounds’, the mutually comprehensible spaces on cultural frontiers, some people who are indigenous apparently become something else. They continue to … Continue reading

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Brazilian State-Formation: Rethinking Geopolitical Agency

Pedro Salgado // International Relations // Wednesday 15th March 2017 // 1-2pm // Arts C 133 Latin American historical trajectory normally falls in a gap in the fields of International Relations and Historical Sociology. The political transformation it sees in the nineteenth … Continue reading

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Return to Mexico: what influences Mexican migrants’ return decisions?

Lorena Guzman Elizalde // Geography // Wednesday 8th March 2017 // 1-2pm // Arts C 133 Despite return migration being an important aspect in the US-Mexican migration flow it has been largely under studied, especially when it comes to migrants’ post-return … Continue reading

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Receptive cities? Institutional narratives of migrants integration and everyday intercultural interactions in Brighton and Bologna

Caterina Mazzilli // Geography // Wednesday 1st March 2017 // 1-2pm // Arts C 133 In this lecture I will present the background and rationale of my PhD research, investigating the criteria according to which a city can be considered receptive and … Continue reading

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