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Teaching and learning in contemporary India: neoliberal subjectivities and relational ontologies

Rich Thornton // Anthropology // 21st February //1-2pm // Arts C133 On February 21st 2018, the new Global Studies lecture series started with a lecture from Rich Thornton. The abstract is as follows: This lecture offers a summary of how … Continue reading

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Is obesity a negative word? Health professionals’ experiences and understanding of obesity management in Brighton and Hove

Lavinia Bertini // Anthropology // Wednesday 5th April 2017 // 1-3pm // Arts A103 According to statistics, the UK is the most “obese” country in Europe and obesity is described as a “burden” for the NHS in national policies. Here, obesity is biomedically … Continue reading

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The moral corporation: On personal conviction and professional care of Turkish CEOs

Deniz Seebacher // Anthropology // Wednesday 8th February 2017 // 1-2pm // Arts C 133 CEOs are often the charismatic faces of the corporations and represent the corporate personality. While corporate practices are associated with exploitation and greedy profit maximization, … Continue reading

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Frontier Frenzy: What Might Anthropology Have to Say About the ‘Iron Grip of Finance on the Prostrate Governments of Backward Regions?’

Paul Robert Gilbert//Anthropology//11th of March 2015//3-4pm//Arts C133 This lecture will explore the role that cartographic imaginaries play in attracting and directing foreign investment toward countries that were once placed as members of the ‘Third World’ or ‘Global South,’ but are … Continue reading

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Re-Imagining South Indian Geography: A Maritime Perspective

Syed Mohammed Faisal//Anthropology//4th of March 2015//3-4pm//Arts C133 By mapping the kinship and business connections on the South Western-Coast of South Asia with Sri Lanka, South East Asia and the Middle East I will explore the specific social and commercial form … Continue reading

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Forked Tongues: Language Education and Ethnic Tensions in Xinjiang, China

James McMurray//Anthropology//25th of February 2015//3-4pm//Arts C133 The fractious ethnic situation of the Xinjiang region of China is perhaps the country’s greatest internal threat to stability. It has been argued that the issue of mother-tongue education – or the lack of … Continue reading

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Violence, humanitarianism and rights: Storytelling amongst Congolese refugees in Uganda

Katie McQuaid//Anthropology//2nd April//1-2 pm//Room C233 Please note the change of venue! This weeks’ seminar will be in room C233. Upon fleeing the complex and violent conflicts of the Democratic Republic of Congo, men, women, youth and children are remaking their … Continue reading

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