In 2009, International Relations PhD students Synne Laastad Dyvik and Andrei Gomez decided to set up a lecture series for PhD students across the School of Global Studies. They felt there was a need to provide PhD students with valuable lecturing experience, encourage interdisciplinarity across the School, and to provide undergraduates with access to PhD research.

From the beginning Synne and Andrei decided they wanted the series to be lectures rather than presentations. Many PhD students attend conferences and most departments have research-in-progress seminars that give them a chance to present to peers in seminar/conference format, but lecturing is different in many respects. It was considered important to provide presentation training for the PhD lecturers, which from 2009-2013 was supplied by the Teaching, Learning and Development Unit (TLDU).

It was also considered crucial that the lectures be open to undergraduate and Masters’ students. This is important because it challenges PhD candidates to think about their research and its dissemination in different ways. This also enables students at earlier stages of their academic career to be included in the research environment in the School and to see what possible avenues of research exist within their own field.

The School of Global Studies has from the beginning supported the lecture series and it has filled a gap for PhD students across the School. In the years it has been running, exciting research has been presented and PhD lecturers, staff and students have found it a valuable addition to the School. We hope it will continue in years to come and that it is continuously supported by the School and the individual departments.

In 2013 this blog was created to establish a sense of history and continuity for the series, as well as to ensure a permanent online space for audiovisual recordings of lectures.

Previous organizers by year:

2010: Andrei Gomez (IR) and Synne Laastad Dyvik (IR)

2011: Synne Laastad Dyvik (IR)

2012: Synne Laastad Dyvik (IR) with Gunjan Sondhi (Migration), David Sancho (Anthropology), Jenny Diggins (Anthropology) and Vesselina Ratcheva (Anthropology)

2013: Kerem Nisancioglu (IR), Anneke Newman (Anthropology) and Tom Martin (IR)

2014: Tom Martin (IR), Santiago Ripoll (Anthropology) and Andrea Brock (IR)


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