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Receptive cities? Institutional narratives of migrants integration and everyday intercultural interactions in Brighton and Bologna

Caterina Mazzilli // Geography // Wednesday 1st March 2017 // 1-2pm // Arts C 133 In this lecture I will present the background and rationale of my PhD research, investigating the criteria according to which a city can be considered receptive and … Continue reading

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National identity integration and belonging among white British middle-class British adults in north-east London/Essex

Amy Clarke // Geography // Wednesday 15th February 2017 // 1-2pm // Arts C 133 In this talk I will present the background of my research and offer some thoughts on the question of how white British-born people (in the suburbs … Continue reading

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Migration politics in Argentina: Actors, evidence and timing

Susanne Melde//Geography//18th of February 2015//3-4pm//Arts C133 Most scholarship on domestic politics of migration is limited to Europe and the US. This lecture aims to analyze the policy-making process in Argentina that led to the passing of a liberal, rights-based migration … Continue reading

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Labouring Families- Work and Life of Gonds in India

Smita Yadav//Anthropology//12th of February//1-2 pm//Arts C133 Smita Yadav is a Dphil candidate in Social Anthropology. She has worked eight years professionally and academically on rural North India. She also has a bachelors in Physics due to which her interests range … Continue reading

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Trading Places: Encounters with diversity on a South London Street Market

David Rubyan-Ling//Geography//5th of February//1-2 pm//Arts C133 My paper explores the notion of diversity in the context of a public street market in Southwark, South London. Street markets are seen as archetypal spaces of urban encounter and thus potentially have a … Continue reading

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The Diaspora of the Diaspora: The Adyghe-Abkhaz Diaspora(s) in Turkey and the Caucasus

Jade Cemre Erciyes // Geography // 10th April // 1-2pm // Arts C 133 Studies of ancestral return migration have focused on the transnationalism of returnees and connections with where they come from. Their similarities to other migrant groups about how they deal … Continue reading

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African Agency in the Africa/China Equation

U. Ejiro O. Onomake // Anthropology // 20th February 2013 // 1-2pm // Arts C 133  We hear of China’s growing relationship with Africa largely in the aggregate but who are the actors behind this phenomenon? This lecture seeks to … Continue reading

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