Upcoming Events


27th Devanik SAHA: Male Experiences & Perceptions of Maternal Health in India


6th Wassim NABOULSI: The Rural-Urban Dynamics in Syria’s 2011 Uprising

13th Silva MEYBATYAN: Movement Implications of the Chernobyl Accident

20th Shonali BANERJEE: Crowdfunding Philanthropy: Intersecting Technology & Trust in Indian NGOs

27th Sarah-Jane PHELAN: Calculating Concern: Recalibrating Resources & Responsibilities in Burkina Faso


3rd Piyarat PANLEE: In the Name of Love: Emotions in Thai Political Conflict

10th Marius TRAUTMANN: The Making of the Deutsche Bundesbank: Ordoliberal Ideas & German Central Banking

24th Ferran PEREZ MENA: Civilisational Encounters: Chinese International Thought during the Republican Era


1st Laura JUNG: Feeble-Minded, Perverse, Hysteric: German State(s) & Psychiatry

8th Amira ABDELHAMID: Homosexuality, Subjectivity & the Egyptian Revolution